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Strut System & Tool Balancers

Strut System

The strut system allows tools and balancers to be suspended directly above work areas to create an ergonomically friendly work environment. Solid struts held up by trolley beam supports provide a track for load trolleys to easily move tools throughout the work area and reducing fatigue on workers.

Tool Balancers

AMS offers heavy duty tool balancers that ergonomically help workers to stay on task and tire less quickly. The balancers allow the worker to move the suspended tool up or down with very little effort. Depending on the spring adjustment, the tool will remain in position or retract when no force is applied. With a spiral groove on a tapered drum, the winding radius is increased to match the torque buildup of the spring, thus neutralizing it and achieving a balanced condition.


Strut System
  • Description: Strut System for Over Head Tool Balancers
  • Struts: (8) 1 5/8” x 1 5/8” x 10’ Long Solid Struts
  • Trolleys: (12) Load Trolley Assembly for Tool Balancers
  • Caps: (8) End Caps
  • Supports: (25) Trolley Beam Supports
  • Joiners: (4) Straight Strut Joiners
Tool Balancers
  • Type: Standard & Heavy Duty Tool Balancers
  • Range: 4 lbs.-10 lbs. & 8 lbs. min. – 15 lbs
  • Travel: 8’ Travel
  • Weight: 7.5 lbs & 8.3 lbs


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