Automated Pallet Flipper

The AMS Flipper is an automated pallet handling machine that eliminates the backbreaking labor of turning a pallet over. The photo-eye and relay logic controller assures that the Flipper maintains consistent pallet flow. The Flipper may be integrated in any in-line conveyor pallet system and can handle a pallet every 4.5 seconds.


  • Type: Star Pallet Flipper
  • Capacity: 48” x 40” Pallets
  • Star Wheel: 4 pocket Star Wheel Carousel
  • Pass-Through Wheel: 2 pocket wheel allows pallets to pass through Flipper
  • Elevation Change Wheel: 2 pocket wheel with Conveyor Height Change
  • Motor: Electrically Driven Discharge Conveyor & Star flipper
  • Controls: Allen Bradley controls mounted in main panel with disconnects
  • Contactors: (2) VFD (adjustable speed for conveyor mounted in main panel)
  • Construction: Welded Steel Construction
  • Conveyor: Table Top Discharge Conveyor
  • Safety: Safety Guarding included
  • Color: Safety Yellow & Blue Print Blue
  • Electrical: 480/3 Phase