PalCoat® 1200 Series Automated Paint Booth System

The PalCoat® 1200 Series Automated Paint Booth System can be custom built to paint stacks of pallets from 10’ high down to just a few pallets at a time. Pallet Stacks can be rotated either manually or automatically in a 360° rotation turn table. Stacks can be delivered and exit by either gravity or motorized Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor. The 1200 Series Paint Booth System comes with all painting equipment for a complete painting system. Additional options, such as a Drying Oven can be added to further increase production.


“ It’s a totally automated system. Once all the gauges are locked down… and the line is running, there’s no need for an operator to be at the paint line after that point.”

-Lino Di Poce
President, Woodbridge Pallet Ltd.




  • Type: Paint Booth System
  • Production: 1,200 Pallets per hour painting stacks of 19
  • Dimensions: 12’ 4” wide x 12’ 6” high x 11’ deep (15’-2” deep overall)
  • Booth: 18 gauge galvanized steel
  • Fan: 42” diameter exhaust fan, 27,500 CFM @ ¼” S.P.
  • Motor: 7.5 HP Blower motor 460/3/60 TEFC motor
  • Access Door: 30” Wide x 84” High Access Door
  • Stacks: Exhaust Stacks Not Included
  • Mezzanine: Not Included

Paint Equipment

  • Pump: 55 Gal Wall Mount Pump with Air & fluid regulator and wall brackets