1050 Vertical Pallet Washer

The 1050 Vertical Pallet Washer utilizes a manual feed system and the production depends on the operators efficiency. The operator manually loads one pallet onto the conveyor at a time. The Wash Cycle time is determined by the speed the pallets are pushed through the machine. The pallets are manually removed at the discharge side. With additional automation the estimated production output is between 150 and 250 pallets per hour depending on pallet specifics.


  • Type: Vertical Pallet Washer
  • Dimensions: 240” L x 48” W x 117” H
  • Weight: 2980 lbs
  • Tank Size: 300 Gallons, 7 GA Steel
  • Pump: 15 HP @ 120 GPM, 110 PSI; 480V; 3 Phase
  • Filtration: Suction Filter/Chip Collection Basket
  • Conveyor: Non Power Feed Conveyor 10” W x 240” L
  • Housing: 10 GA Steel
  • Color: Safety Blue
  • Optional Accessories: Heated air blow-off, power conveyor, stainless steel