High-Speed Hybrid Pallet Stacker

The High Speed Hybrid Pallet Stacker is capable of stacking 48×40 pallets as fast as 1000 pph. It receives single pallets from any type of in-feed conveyor and stacks the pallet with its heavy duty hydraulic hoist system. Once the pallets are fully stacked, the stacker automatically discharges the stack of pallets to the out-feed conveyor for forklift removal or conveyance to other systems. The High Speed Hybrid Pallet Stacker can be integrated into full sort & repair systems, and can offer plenty of production capacity to handle the peaks of any application. This unit can also be used as a stand-alone stacker for paint systems and other single output set ups.


  • Description: High-Speed Hybrid Pallet Stacker
  • Dimensions:
    • Stand-Alone: 6’8″L x 9’W x 14’H
    • Integrated: 6’8″L x 7’W x 14’H
  • Cycle Rate: 1100 pallets per hour
  • Capacity: 48″ x 40″ pallets
  • Counter: Pallet Load Counting Capability
  • Selectors: Multiple Stack Height Selection
  • Functions: Stacker jog functions & controls mounted in panel
  • Safety Features: 3 walls to contain stack, pneumatic gate on discharge side
  • Power Unit: 10 HP Motor with 20 gallon tank (Stand Alone)
  • Electrical: 480/3 Phase
  • Optional: Extended Infeed for pallet staging