90 Degree Transfer System

The AMS 90° Transfer System is designed for high production rates coming from sort & repair systems when building space is at a premium. The 90° Transferring System can be integrated into material handling applications, automated repair lines, wood recovery systems, and PalCoat Paint Systems. The 90° Transfer is fully automated with Micro-logics controls & pallet detection.



  • Type: 90° Transfer with Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor
  • Pop-Up Chain Transfer: Full Automation of the Pallet Transfer Conveyor
  • Rake Transfer: (1) Rake – VFD Controlled
  • Switches: Micro-switch Proximity Switches to detect Rake Presence
  • Stops: (2) Pallet Stops
  • Photo-Eyes: Photo-eyes for single pallet detection at stop
  • PLC: Micro Logics Processor
  • Speed: 90’ FPM
  • Motor: 3/4 hp 480/3 phase