AMS Electric Pallet Stacker

The AMS Electric Pallet Stacker is capable of stacking more than 600 pallets per hour. It receives single pallets from any type of in-feed conveyor and stacks the pallet with its heavy duty electrical hoist system. Once the pallets are fully stacked, the stacker automatically discharges the stack of pallets to the out-feed conveyor. The AMS Electric Pallet Stacker can be integrated into a variety of systems and configurations to meet any pallet stacking needs.


  • Type: High Speed Electric Stacker & Controls
  • Dimensions: 69″ wide x 107″ long
  • Cycle time: 5 seconds
  • Capacity: 48″ x 40″ Pallets
  • Conveyor: Dual chain conveyor for infeed/outfeed
  • Controls: PLC controlled
  • Functions: Stacker jog functions & controls mounted in panel
  • Safety Features: (3) Support walls, E-Stop & disconnect with lock out capabilities
  • Electrical: 480/3 Phase