Cresswood Recycling Systems EF-60A

The Cresswood Recycling Systems EF-60A is a very large yet general purpose grinder with the added efficiency of a horizontal fed grinder. They are designed for pallet companies, large furniture manufacturers and other companies wishing to dispose of whole pallets, cants or slabs up to 7+” thick and 72” wide. They are also able to handle very long strips right off straight line rip or gang saws and can reduce skeletons from a router. Ideal for size reduction, the EF’s throughput can be optimized for your application with the choice of screens, cutters, cutter placement, and rotor selection for companies needing greater output with smaller sized end product.


  • Type: Horizontal End Feed Grinder
  • Floor Area: 96.5” x 190”
  • Construction: 1” Steel plated reinforced with heavy duty channels
  • In-feed Conveyor: 12’ Vibrating conveyor included with grinder
  • Discharge Conveyor: Screw auger with controls and air discharge available
  • Rotor: 16” dia. X 60” long with 4.5” dia. shaft
  • Processing Rate: 2,000 – 15,000 lbs./hr. depending upon material, screen size and horsepower