Cresswood Recycling Systems HF-60-75AL

The Cresswood Recycling Systems HF-60-75AL Low RPM Grinder will reduce your pallet material to a 1 1/4” minus product, at a capacity of approx. 2,000-14,000 lbs per hour. The HF-60-75AL Grinder offers numerous processing advantages. Accumulated material can be batch-fed in the 4 cu. yd. hopper. A hydraulically driven ram crushes the material against a 16” dia. x 60” wide rotor with two rows of premium flat 1 1/4” inserts. Operating at approx. 150 rpm, the grinder provides effective reduction with low noise, low dust, low HP, and unattended operation.


  • Type: Low RPM Grinder
  • Floor Area: 100” x 150”
  • Weight: 17,500 lbs
  • Motor: 75 HP drive motor with gear reducer
  • Power Unit: 10 Hp hydraulic motor for ram feed and cylinder
  • Rotor: 16” Dia. rotor assembly with hardened steel cutter teeth
  • Hopper: 60” Wide feed hopper
  • Construction: Rugged Steel Structural Frame
  • Electrical: 480/3 Phase
  • Control Package: UL Listed
  • Load Sensor
  • PLC Controller
  • Hour Meter
  • Digital Cutter head Amp Meter
  • Auto Reverse at Startup (to prevent lockup)