Our response to COVID-19

COVID-19, or the coronavirus, has impacted many lives on a global scale and AMS is committed to doing our part in helping slow the spread. As defined by the State of Michigan and the Department of Homeland Security, AMS is involved in “critical infrastructure” business and has taken steps to identify certain workers as “critical infrastructure workers” necessary to maintain minimum basic operations. At the same time, we are dedicated to keeping our employees and visitors safe at our facility along with those that they come into contact with while supporting our partners and customers. As such, we are continually monitoring the situation surrounding the virus and will update the following information as the situation progresses.

AMS is committed to the safety of our employees, vendors, and customers as well as their loved ones and all those they come into contact with. As such, we have adopted extreme measures to ensure and promote safety. For example:

  • Strictly adhering to all available and known government guidelines and procedures
  • Empowering a special taskforce of AMS personnel to spearhead communications, documentation, postings, implementation and enforcement of practices
  • Professionally cleaning and sanitizing the facilities daily
  • Installing disinfectant and sanitizer dispensing systems as well as enforcing good processes throughout the building
  • Placing hand sanitizing stations strategically so that all visitors and employees have quick and consistent access
  • Conduct a daily entry screening protocol for all individuals entering the premises and screening visitors
  • Encouraging all employees and visitors to stay 6ft from each other and practice other social distancing behaviors
  • Using remote meeting platforms to minimize the number of visitors in the building as much as possible
  • Requiring all visitors to use hand sanitizing stations upon entering the premises and screening visitors
  • Connecting with all employees one on one, on a daily basis to monitor for COVID-19 symptoms
  • Observing the CDC’s recommended rules for returning to work after any sickness