Inline Accumulating Tipper

The High Speed Inline Accumulating Tipper utilizes a concept of continuous motion which eliminates reload time and increases productivity. The tipper magazine will dispense 48 x 40 pallet stacks up to 20 high quickly and efficiently, while the accumulator bed can stage up to 20 additional pallets making the Inline Accumulating Tipper an excellent solution for feeding sort & repair systems. With a peak cycle rate of 1000 pph, this machine offers plenty of capacity to handle the peaks of any pallet handling system.


  • Description: Inline Accumulating Tipper
  • Dimensions: 7′ 11″ X 37′ 6″
  • Weight: 15,300 lbs.
  • Cycle Rate: 1,000 pallets per hour
  • Frame: Structural Steel Tubing
  • Tipper Indexer: Hydraulically Controlled
  • Accumulator Indexer: Hydraulically Controlled
  • Controls: PLC Controlled or Push Button Controlled
  • Motor: 20 HP Motor with 60 gallon tank
  • Magazine: 20 pallets capacity standard 48″ x 40″ pallets
  • Safety: Activation Alarm Bell System and Safety Fencing
  • Optional: Hydraulic Stack Straightener