The AMS Hydraulic High Speed Multiple Stacking System is capable of stacking 2 or more pallet grades and can be customized to accommodate various grades and sizes dependent upon the application. The Stacking System is designed for high production rates and comes with a remote operator console mounted on a podium for pallet grading with full jog functions in the main panel. Remote Internet based Communication provides extra opportunities for troubleshooting and performance upgrades. Touch screen diagnostics allows quick maintenance and troubleshooting solutions.



  • Description: Hydraulic High Speed Stackers
  • Dimensions: 70”L x 70” W x 5’ H
  • Capacity: 40” x 48” x 5” Pallet
  • Photo-Eyes: Discharge Back-Up-Photo-Eyes
  • Counter: Pallet Load Counting Capability
  • Selectors: Multiple Stack Height Selection
  • Functions: Stacker jog functions & set up controls mounted in main panel
  • Safety Features: 6 support bars
  • Electrical: 480 3 Phase

Hydraulic System

  • Description: (1) Power unit with a single pump assembly
  • Power Unit: (1) 10 HP Baldor Electric Motor
  • Pump: (1) 21 gpm Rexroth Variable Displacement Piston Dual Pump
  • Reservoir: With gauges and filtration (2 Stacks: 30 gal, 3 Stacks: 40 gal, 4 Stacks: 80 gal)
  • Isolators: Vibration isolators to minimize noise
  • Frames: System framework provided with removable drip pan


  • Automation: Full Automation of the pallet sortation conveyor & stackers
  • Enclosure: Hoffman 60” x 38” enclosure
  • PLC: Allen Bradley SLC 5/03 Processor w/ Sufficient I/O
  • Modem: Direct Modem Communication
  • Photo-Eyes: A/B 9000 Series Photo-eyes for single pallet detection at pallet stop
  • Functions: Full Jog Function Capability for each Stacker
  • Switches: Microswitch Proximity Switches to detect rake presence
  • Console: Remote operator console mounted on podium for pallet grading
  • Rakes: Rakes are controlled and the system stops & starts