Nailing on The Fly Repair Line

The Nailing on The Fly Repair Line incorporates automated handling equipment to reduce labor cost and increase production with a fraction of the training needed in conventional systems. From the time a damaged pallet enters the system until it exits as a repaired product, it never leaves the assembly line. Using our patented Deckmaster to remove damaged boards and stake down the nails makes for a quick and complete prepping time for the builders, and puts the decision making in one person’s hands. Builders then become board droppers and training time for new employees is minimized. By using powered conveyor, a flipper, and a stacking system with rakes, the backbreaking labor is eliminated, thus reducing workman’s compensation issues, increasing efficiency and employee morale.

“The financing of my (Nailing on The Fly) system did not increase my operating budget at all and I actually increased my production and decreased my labor costs.”

Tim Welch
President, Pallet World


  • Loading: CDLR Conveyor for infeed loading
  • Infeed: Destacker or Tipper Pallet Dispenser
  • Conveyor: BDLR Conveyor
  • Standard Line Equipment:
    – Deckmaster Lead Board Remover (or other pallet prepping equipment)
    – Stackers for Ready to go pallets
    – Automated Pallet Flipper
  • Outfeed: AMS Sort System
  • Controls: Free standing control podium
  • Strut: Suspension System for nail guns