Pallet Inverter

The AMS Pallet Inverter has tow clamping tables and inverts to 180°. This is the most versatile model in our extensive range of pallet inverters and is manufactured in only one size. It can be easily loaded by a hand pallet truck, as both tables close down to the floor and do not require loading ramps. The other main feature of the Pallet Inverter is that it can handle almost any height of load, as it opens to a maximum of 99” and closes to just 19”. Operating controls are by push buttons that operate the solenoid hydraulic system which is either un-sequenced or fully sequenced. The table clamping pressures are adjustable and are fitted as standard. As additional safety feature the Pallet Inverter is supplied with mesh safety guards with 3 Pairs of electric photo-beams guarding the entrance to the machine. The controls are recessed into the front of the safety guards to keep the operator out of the danger zone while operating the machine.



  • Type: Pallet Inverter
  • Dimension: 56” x 78”
  • Weight: 4048 lbs
  • Jaw Opening: 19” Minimum to 88” Maximum
  • Load Table: 0” Load Table Height
  • Load Size: 58” x 48”
  • Rotation: 180° Rotation
  • Controls: Solenoid Push Button Control
  • Capacity: 4400 lbs
  • Power Unit: 5.4 Horsepower
  • Electrical: 460 3 phase
  • Safety Features: Safety Guard Included
  • Color: Safety Yellow