Palletizer Machine (Closed Page)

The T-TEK TS3 Electric Palletizer is the newest High Speed palletizer on the market. It is designed and built to maintain a high level of efficiency. This is achieved with innovative designs, using the highest quality parts made. Some examples are:



  • Divider case slats use a case hardened pin to follow UHMW covered lanes.
  • Accumulator rollers have precision bearings and bolt in to avoid damaged to pans.
  • Layer stop assemblies are mounted on flange bearings.
  • Apron slats are a lightweight composite compound which will flex to avoid damage.
  • Touch screens with complete diagnostics on every function of the machine.
  • Multiple Auto lube systems controlled by PLC to maintain bearing life.
  • Servo controlled Apron, End Compression and Hoist for improved precision
  • Regen Drive utilized to make a safer more energy efficient machine.
  • Standard Specs
  • 2 Liter Bottle 8 per case 70+ cpm
  • 12 oz. Can 12 pack
  • 170+ cpm
  • 12 oz. Can 24 pack
  • 90+ cpm