Robotic pallet sorting

Robotic Pallet Sorting can offer an innovative alternative to standard pallet stacking, destacking, and sorting solutions. By offering reduced maintenance costs and significant reduction in labor costs to operate, the savings can provide a significant ROI quickly. The flexibility of robotic systems allows them to be integrated with various systems, performing a variety of functions.

And with the optional PalMate ERP software solution, data such as system production, size counts and grade counts can be accumulated and communicated to the general ERP software platform quickly and efficiently.


  • Description: Robotic Pallet Sort System
  • In-feed: CDLR, BDLR, and Chain Conveyor Options
  • Outfeed: Powered/Gravity Roller Conveyor with forklift stops
  • Controls: PLC Controlled
  • Safety Features: Interlocked safety fencing with light curtains at stack exits
  • Optional: PalMate ERP data collection with bar-code grading