The Builders Table

The AMS Heavy Duty Builder’s Table is perfect for the dismantling and/or repair of pallets. These tables are ergonomically designed at 32” table height and a 6-1/2” pallet hold down angle. A uni-strut tool support system offers easy connection of 1 or 2 tool balancers for nail gun suspension, and easy travel to eliminate lifting of the gun. A lower shelf and tool hooks are strategically located for ease of access to tools along with an air regulator for air tool connection. Options include an overhead light, tool balancer(s), shelf dividers, pop-up devices for securing and repairing pallets, and electrical boxes with 480 and/or 110 volt plugs for ancillary equipment that might be used with the builders table.



  • Type: Heavy Duty Builders Table
  • Dimensions: 50”L x 50”W x 84”H
  • Table Height: 32”
  • Weight: Approx. 600 lbs.
  • Tool Support System: (1-3) Unistrut Rail System
  • Tool Trolleys: (2)
  • Air Regulator: (1)
  • Hold Down: 6 1/2” high pallet hold down angle
  • Accessories: Lower Shelf & Tool Hooks
  • Optional:
    – (1) Over Head Light
    – (2) Electrical boxes for 110 volt plugs
    – (2) Electrical boxes for 480 volt plugs
    – Lower shelf dividers 6 equal spaced
  • Standard Color: Blueprint Blue